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Thanks To The Castello Brothers For A Great Weekend in LA

I wanted to type a quick public thank you to David and Michael Castello who showed me a great weekend in LA this past weekend. Between great sushi at SushiRoku, cigars at the Buena Vista Cigar Club in Beverly Hills, or great wine and food at Si Laa Thai, they made sure that my time there was great.

For my readers that are from outside the domain industry you can see the successful online real estate properties that the brothers own at CCIN.com. Although the details will come in another post many of you have heard of the Grape.com project that has started with them.

But one thing great about visiting LA is I also got some great time with my good buds Jason Thompson and Morgan Linton, I have not been out that way in awhile so was very excited to get some time with them as well and also want to thank them for their hospitality, seems Morgan always ends up being my chauffeur when I am in town, sorry bud:)

Every time I get to spend time with the Castello Brothers I come away feeling energized, one thing about them is they see the big picture. They see more than a great domain name, that is a very important thing to get. Too many times I see domain investors talk development and think that ends with the website. The Castello Brothers have the same mindset that I like to think I have, seeing that the domain name is the foundation for a real business that just starts at the website but really takes off when you take advantage of the BRAND that is the great domain name. And that means more than just getting traffic from the memorable name, it means revenue from developing a real business by either getting out there and working the streets for ad sales or selling a product on a category killing product domain name.

Sometimes we get to busy and wrapped up in day to day work or business and can lose track of the bigger picture, this weekend with them helped re-energize and focus my efforts. Stepping back from day to day but still keeping focused on business can be one of the best refreshers you can get, sharing ideas, brainstorming, in a different and energetic environment helps the creativity flow.

Also, the domain industry should give a big thanks to David, watching him come into dinner Saturday night after doing several interviews live and recorded after being sick all week was interesting, he was a trooper and made it though, if you do not know what I am talking about take look at the Good Morning America video of David discussing the “Playboy Plague”. If you could of heard the conversations he pushed at the stations in between interviews you would know why I say we owe him a big thank you, he could not help but to sell the value of domain names and why they are so important. And before you think that having a few conversations about domain names and what domaining is to producers, etc does not mean much, think about how most big ideas start and know that he did have emails coming in from one I know of for sure wanting a follow up on the industry. It is a start.

Thanks guys, appreciate all the hospitality!


  1. bruce 6 years ago says:

    Jason, Morgan, it was great as always and look forward to being back in the near future. We will have to hit some wineries next time though!!! To sell some stuff:)

    Rosco, Thanks for the comments on the site! Not really buying any advertising for the blog, thanks though!

    Jeff, Yes they are a class act, willing to help anyone that is willing to listen.

    Ingurus, Yes they are in demand, which is why it is great they take the time to help, listen, guide and explain how they had their success. Many people do not like to share in their path to success. They do openly.

  2. Ingurus.com 6 years ago says:

    Those who see the “Big Picture” are in great demand in the domain Industry. Lucky for you to have known Castello Borthers who guide us.

  3. Jeff Schneider 6 years ago says:

    Hello Bruce,

    We could not agree with you more on the Castello brothers influence on our Industry. They truly have DOMAINERS best interests at heart. Class Acts !

    You pretty well nailed our sentiments on Domain Names or as we prefer Business Addresses. You have to start with a descriptive foundation Address that makes a statement, and the importance of sound Marketing Strategies cannot be undersestimated in the formula for success in launching a business on the web.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Rosco 6 years ago says:

    Hey Bruce,

    Looks like a great project with grape.com.

    Sorry, to change subjects but just wondering if you are interesting in some youtube advertising for your domain blog. I only charge $25 per video. Here is a sample video, http://www.youtube.com/zilliondollardomaina

  5. Chef Patrick 6 years ago says:

    What…did you stay at Morgan’s and not have to hear my snoring?!

    Grape.com is looking good. About time you switched to .com :-)

    • bruce 6 years ago says:

      LOL Patrick, did not stay at Morgans this time.

      Thanks on the Grape.com comment!!! We are VERY happy with where it is headed. Hoping to get time to write up the story in the very near future.

      Hope all is well!

  6. Jason 6 years ago says:

    You left right in time for all star weekend, wait a minute! You should still be here. :P This weekend is going to be crazy. Glad to see you as always Bruce, make sure to come back soon!

  7. Morgan 6 years ago says:

    Awesome seeing you Bruce! Next time come even longer so we can get in more trouble :) Not that we got in any trouble…or did we? Haha just kidding, we didn’t.

  8. ted nugent 6 years ago says:

    That site looks great! Congrats

    • bruce 6 years ago says:

      Thanks! We have been adding daily and look forward to adding the nationwide hotel and golf course database in the near future. The site has took on a life of its own in a very short time.