WebRTC is here to stay. Yes I have been an early adopter of the buzz worthy tech, you can see more about my early thoughts on WebRTC here. But with the buzz seemingly accelerating daily (specifically while shows like Mobile World Congress are going on) it makes it even better when I can see technology in action and working, not just in other peoples demos, but in products that I am using myself and actually presenting to customers while traveling across the US for Thrupoint.

WebRTC Video Calling

One of the great things about WebRTC is that its completely clientless if you are using Google Chrome or Firefox (nightly releases). This means you do not have to download another version of Java, or Skype, or Microsoft Lync, etc, etc. So today we thought we would show that WebRTC is actually ubiquitous and actually works from anywhere. Even at 32 thousand feet while heading to Palo Alto.

We used Thrupoint Fusion Web Gateway, Fusion Client SDK, and Fusion Media Broker to do this call using the production Google Chrome. Amazing using the VP8 codec currently supported in Google Chrome we had virtually no issues on the planes wifi for voice or audio (although I was quiet since I did not want to annoy passengers next to me).

Thrupoint also posted today they have Cisco Jabber working along side WebRTC for voice, video, instant messaging, and presence allowing for enterprises wanting to keep their legacy IP PBX in place to use the latest web technology to extend their applications outside their 4 walls.