So, this was not my planned post today but sometimes a rant just needs to be done real time.


Over the past few weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time reviewing resumes from various job ads I have out right now for sales people. For the most part the people I have spoke to, met, or interviewed have been good people and whether I wanted to hire them or if the position was right for them I came away with a good feeling. But there is actually a pretty high percentage of people that are just plain and simple unprofessional. If you are in sales or marketing you are the face of the company which means the way you present yourself in an interview or the timeliness of your communication is very important.

I continue to be amazed by people that talk about how much they need a job or employment while on the phone but then show up in a T-shirt and jeans for a sales position interview. Seriously? You expect me to send you out to speak to customers about my product when you come to sell yourself to me dressed like that. Sheesh….

In the past week I have driven 70 plus miles twice to do interviews with people that for some reason or another could not drive to where I was located, I understand that, sometimes schedules do not allow for them to come to me. Well guess what…. Both times the people, two different people, did not show up. One decided to call 10 minutes before interview time with a pathetic excuse but said she could likely meet that afternoon. Well 3pm comes I decide to call and see if it may still happen although I already knew the answer. Well same pathetic excuse as before so interview off but she had the nerve to want to reschedule for this week. Good luck on that.

The person today, well this person just did not show up, did not answer calls, nothing. I truly believe, and I am not sure how I want to articulate this, but people simply feel entitled. They feel like they do not need to present themselves in a professional way, care about being on time, but still get everything those people in the world that work hard and work in a business like and professional manner do. These are the same people that complain about the people with money having the nice car while they are scraping gas money up and then blaming the person with the nice car for their problems. Maybe just maybe that person with the nice car worked hard to get something, or took a chance to get somewhere while you waited for it to be handed to you.

These are the same people complaining about not finding any job opportunities when they are the ones missing the boat by expecting it to just be handed to them. Unemployment is bad right now, no doubt, but do not complain about not having a job if you cannot either a) present yourself properly, or b) show up!!!!!

I have been hiring or managing people in some way or another for 15 years. I have never witnessed what I have witnessed as of late. Is it a certain age group? I refuse to believe that, I know to many good people that work hard in all age groups. Is it that companies are only letting go of bad people, nope, thats not the answer. I know people that were top performers for several years running that are out of work right now. I do not have the answer but I can say I am very disappointed, this really is not about the specific individuals I mention above, they are just examples. But I think this is more about a deterioration in work ethic and professionalism that is showing itself more and more every day.

On a positive note, for a good read about a good friend of mine and someone who has worked hard read the story about Aron Meystedt at DNJournal that came out today. A success story that came from work and not making excuses.