Most people that have ever sat through a long presentation or sales pitch have a love/hate relationship with Powerpoint. Many of the reasons for this can be tied to a few specific things that the presenter may of done wrong in the creation of the presentation. In most cases with a few tweaks the Powerpoint presentation could of been both informative and entertaining while getting the results that the presenter wanted instead of the crowd tuning out.

Over a good portion of my career I have spent quite a bit of time giving presentations, in many cases the marketing team at the company I worked for had created the slide deck, and in others I had to create the material from scratch. What I find is that in almost all cases if a marketing team created the slide deck I would need to modify the presentation quite a bit to make it fit my customers needs. The reason being is people want to try to get as much information as possible on every slide and try to have the presenter remember as little as possible.