I have had several requests as of late to post the slides and a recording of the presentation that Tiffany and I gave on the opening day at NamesCon on how to rapidly get moving with WordPress. Although we do not have an audio recording of the session I can post the slides here as I have loaded them up on Slideshare. The session was only an hour long so we were limited in what we could cover so our goal was to give the attendees (a full room!) what they needed to know to take something from a pre-installed free WordPress blog site to something more full featured and useful. For those wanting the slides, read on, the slides are at the bottom.

In many cases someone has a very limited amount of time to develop their site but still wants to create something of more value than a simple lander, or maybe you do have larger plans for a site and want to use WordPress as the initial platform to create the base functionality from and then add content and more complex features as time allows, either way the tips we had presented can help.

We are also happy to announce we have been invited to do an encore of our session on Brand.Bar hosted by Angela St. Julien. Tiffany and I will be live discussing WordPress, site development, and giving our thoughts on things we run into while working with customers, we have worked on hundreds of actual paying customer websites and have heard it all, learn from our pain:)

Also, during the session I am happy to take any questions on the rapid launch of Credit.Club, how the initial path was chosen, where it is headed, and discuss how product roadmaps work when working with limited sets of time.

A few other things, based on the several requests we had during the presentation and since then, before the embed of the presentation from NamesCon.

First off themes, most domain developers as well as small and medium size customers do not have the budget (and to be quite honest, the need) to create a WordPress theme from scratch. It is very seldom that need exists today and, as such, that allows WordPress developers to keep cost down as quality options exist that can then be customized (sometimes visually, sometimes feature wise). We tend to use themes from ElegantThemes.com, ThemeForest, and at times WrapBootstrap (Bootstrap is a topic for another day and just as important as WordPress these days). Yes those links are affiliate links, only because we actually do use the products.

You will find in each of those sites a wide variety of themes, we use these for our small business customers on a day to day basis. It is very important when selecting theme providers that you check out their support, forums, and actually pay for themes that provide a high level of support. You will find bugs, and they will have to be fixed, that 50 dollars for the theme will save you thousands of dollars in lost time. Guaranteed.

Plug-Ins are another topic, we have several that we have standardized on, our selection is based on using them on real sites that are used by real businesses, there are plenty of other options out there but here are a few. Also, in future posts I will list specific feature focused plugins (i.e. database integration, etc).

Standard Plugins:

SEO: All-In-One-SEO

Stats: NewStatpress

Contact Form: Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 depending on need

Security: WP-Firewall

Caching/Performance: WP-SuperCache

Sitemap: Google XML Sitemap

This is the base set, there are plenty of others, as mentioned, that I will list in future posts. But based on the questions from the NamesCon sessions and messages I have received since the base Plugins seems to be of particular interest. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

Here are the slides from the NamesCon WordPress 101 Session: