As I sit here in the Newark airport tonight exhausted from a busy week and knowing I have a long travel night ahead due to delays I wanted to at least put a few words out about the GREAT transaction that Michael Berkens, Ammar Kubba, and Rick Schwartz had with Meet.Me


Since the launch of .ME was announced a few years back I could see the potential for this to be a domain extension with legs, even though .COM was the default there is always room for a disruptor to come around. By no means am I saying .ME is unseating .COM but if you keep up with the list of new company launches on it would be hard to argue that .ME is not holding its own as far as brandable names go.

If you have not read the news, check out the post on about the $450,000 sell of after an investment of just under $6,000 a few years back. As Mike Berkens put it in a comment on the post, and I paraphrase, thats a better return than the stock market these days.

This name is quite possibly the perfect .ME. In both the generic sense (i.e. come MEET me) and in a more product based sense. I have worked in the communications industry since 1996, and on a daily basis I have either been on or pitched features to telecommunication companies based on Meet Me Conferencing. So it makes complete sense that a conferencing company would by this perfect domain name for the industry.

Ammar Kubba, one of the owners of the name, had this to say:

I’ve always been an advocate of “brand” domains, more focused on the branding and marketing potential rather than the type-in traffic. is perfect example… a global brand in the making.  The buyer already owned, yet they saw the power and potential of the shorter and more intuitive brand.  .COM is (and most likely will continue to be) king, but there’s still plenty of opportunity in alternative TLDs, if you can be creative, entrepreneurial and patient.

As someone who has put quite of bit of investment in some quality .ME domains names both personally and within I am happy to see that .ME awareness continues to grow.

Also, once again, congrats to Natasa and Predrag from Domain.Me by association. All people involved in this deal from the domain industry are top notch and good people. Nice to see this happen to good people.