As with most people right now I have many friends out of work, some have been looking for something solid for over a year. Many of them are top end, quality sales people who know how to close a deal, get stuff done, and in normal times are sought after daily by leading tech companies. Obvioulsy things are different these days….

We all know people that were previously well thought of employees of companies that have had a hard time finding the employment they want and rightly deserve.  Many have depleted their savings, lost their homes, went bankrupt, etc. Its tough and I hate to see good people go through this. I do not have this sympathy for everyone since I think at times certrain people will always find an excuse not to  be successful, for them I have no compassion, sorry just don’t. They seem to find away to have an excuse even during boom times.

But recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine I have known for sometime, have worked with him at a few different companies, and know the quality of his work and his ability to succeed. But he has been trying to find full time employment since May of last year, his savings are close to being depleted and he is on edge to say the least. This person is a hard worker, one of those that you get emails from at 2 AM and then check again and have more at 7 AM.

We are pretty close friends so I felt comfortable asking him how much he had depleted his savings, how much time and effort he had spent in looking for a job. I then laid out something for him. In the time he had been looking for a job, and with the amount of money he had depleted from his savings he could of started a company and created some income for himself. Maybe not the amount he had before his lay off but something near it. Overtime he could of exceeded it. I had these thoughts in the past but after sitting with someone and then seeing the numbers and time that had been wasted (and I do mean wasted) by my close friend it was a bit sad to see what he  could of done rather than allowing the drive to help someone else (i.e. looking for that 40/60 hr a week job) consume him. My concern now is that its too late for him.

We talked a bit after the conversation about ideas he would of liked to of acted on and what he thought he could of created. He is both frustrated and excited now that he thinks about it this way. The way he sees it and wishes he would of seen it earlier is that the economy sucks, lets face it, and if pretty much everyone you know has spent an extended amount of time searching and not finding a job, and if they do find one its much less pay than before which means they end up depleting savings they may have, then why not start from the beginning and create something for yourself. The biggest hurdle that lay before most would be business owners is getting away from their day job, trust me I know.

Anyway, just wanted to relate that story, there really is no end to it, he is at a point now that he does not have the resources left to invest in himself like he could of several months back, but now has a different focus on the job hunt. If theres nothing there MAKE SOMETHING!

Sorry for the lack of domaining talk in this one…..