Since my ankle is more than a little screwed up right now after to much running here lately I am laid up on the couch catching up on work and listening to TED videos in the background. If you have never taken the time to browse through and listen to some very intelligent people talk about varying topics spend some time on TED.

I started watching some of the videos I had seen listed in the post on the Shopify blog that outlined the top 12 videos for entrepreneurs on TED. There was one in-particular that I wanted to watch and wanted to point out to my readers. It was titled: Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work. You can watch it below. Its worth your 15 minutes I promise!

For years I have said that our work schedule and structure are all based on antiquated processes and thoughts formed during the industrial age and that businesses continue to talk about how efficient they become with technology but really still stick to old school models of how they work with their employees.

An interesting thing came out of a recent meeting I had at HP, talking to someone that had previously been EDS he had indicated that in past history they had all been expected to show up at the office, working from home was strongly discouraged, then once HP took over people had to justify WHY they needed a cube. They had shared space and meeting locations. This part of HP understood how people actually worked.

I won’t go into all the details of the video, its 15 minutes worth watching, but I will point out a few bullets:

  • When people are asked where they go to get real work done the answer is never the office
  • Meetings keep people from getting real work done, and people block them in hours, its not really an hour though, its hour X the number of people in the meeting for actual impact of time on the business
  • Each interruption requires a restart of the work cycle on whatever project someone was working on
If you have not read ReWork you should, its a short read but quiet incredible at outlining how companies can work more effectively to get things done in todays world.