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Headed Back To New Orleans For the GeoDomain Expo

Well it is official I have booked my hotel and travel for the trip to New Orleans for the Geo Domain Expo April 28th through the 30th. I am really looking forward to this conference as it hits the core of what we as a company do and that is develop geographically targeted domain names.

With a great agenda lining up this will be a great place to network with other people specifically in this segment of the domain industry, you can see the agenda here.

After meeting with Patrick Carleton who leads the charge for the GeoDomain Expo last week  I can say that I am very excited to attend, if you want to learn more about how to best monetize your geo domains do not miss 0ut and book now.

One thing no one can argue with is the success of many of the top Geo domainers that attend this conference, when it comes to developing key properties Geo domainers seem to have a knack for it.  Hope to see you there!

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Press Passes, Free Water Bottles, and Offline Marketing for

The team are just about ready to go for our offline marketing promotions at the  Tour Of Missouri international cycling event. Although this post may not be specifically domaining related it should help those of you that are launching geo domain related sites think creatively when looking at ways to target offline marketing efforts.

If you are not a cycling fan or really your experience with road biking is Lance Armstrong its pretty likely you are not familiar with the Tour of Missouri, the race is the second largest stage race in the USA only behind the Tour of California. Last year it drew somewhere around 400,000 fans and onlookers and many went on to attend the Health and Wellness Expo held at the end of each stage which allows sponsors to promote their business with a booth and free giveaways, etc just like any other tradeshow.

Well, with being a statewide community focused site we had been trying to determining what the best event would be to do a statewide “feet on the street” effort for offline marketing. With my operations manager and myself both being cyclists it did not take us long to figure out how to take advantage of the Tour of Missouri event. This event draws teams from around the world, these are not your average everyday cyclists you are griping at as you drive down the road, these are the same riders that ride the Tour De France. This event draws viewers from all over the world.

First off for the marketing and awareness side, we have purchased a booth at the expo at the end of the stages in:

St. Louis, MO

Cape Girardeau, MO

Jefferson City, MO

Kansas City, MO

If you are going to be in state you should come visit!!!

We purchased these specifically to give us statewide coverage so all of our efforts did not just hit one piece of the state. Now for the fun part, we ordered hundreds of water bottles with our logo on them to handout to fans and attendees. This is a brand awareness campaign for us and knowing how athletes like runners and cyclists use water bottles we know these will be in their bottle cages for a year to come, we like our free reusable water bottles. We also have some other handouts planned as well and will also be in the booth to discuss various cycling rides throughout the state in the communities we are in.

What is even better is that our logo will be on the Tour of Missouri website which had 330,000,000 pageviews last year based on the exposure the event gets. Thats right, you read it right. Plus our logo will be in the Tour guide which is distributed for the week prior to the event and also it will show up in a few other media kits that will be handed out. All in all, considering what we put together to do this its quite a value.

Now for the next fun part, based on the fact we are an online media company we also have obtained press/media passes to cover the event like any other media or news company would. We are in the process, it’s not quite ready yet, of launching Tour.Missouri.Me where we will be posting videos from the stage route, providing interviews, and posting general stats, etc as we report on the event. For us this also allows us to promote our community sites with links from the cycling posts to our community sites. Once again, tying it all together is key. Having people actually in the press tents and press conferences will allow us to network with other media companies and grow awareness as well.

There is plenty more going on but as you can imagine there is still much work to do to pull it all together, exciting times and the work is well worth it to be able to go state wide with one event.

If you happen to be in Missouri during the race feel free to contact me and we could meet up during one of the stages at our booth or somewhere along the way. Now I am heading out for a ride, albeit at a much slower pace than these pros will be doing.

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Big River Telephone Partners with and Localtek

Well, I can officially announce our first strategic partnership between Localtek/ and a leading technology provider to rural communities throughout southeast Missouri.

Big River Telephone, based in Cape Girardeau, MO serves 10’s of thousands of customers not only in Missouri but in several other states that we will be launching in. As part of the partnership Big River Telephone will be promoting the Localtek services along with the associated state portal, intially Localtek will also be promoting Big River Telephones business Internet services to its customers.

With a long history supporting the communities they are in and with their place in the upcoming rural broadband stimulus and drive we could not of found a better partner to work with. They are targeting the exact same customers we are looking to support and help.

As part of the initial launch they have scheduled a seminar at the Career and Technology Center in Cape Girardeau for September 29th. I will be speaking to 2 groups of businesses (125 people per group) on how to help bring their businesses online and compete as broadband continues to penetrate deeper into America. In a nice twist Big River Telephone is promoting this event with TV commercials, Radio Ads, and Billboards as well as online advertising. The cost is only $20 if you are in Missouri and want to attend.

To hear the radio commercial click on this link web-advantage-radio-spot

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Domainers are a Great Group – What a Week

What a week, this past week was basically planned to be a week I focused on marketing more than anything else and things really worked out well. We made a major push to get our sales and marketing materials ready for our first company sales meeting next Tuesday and at the same time began prep work for the nationwide press release that will be going out next week. Although I tend not to give the nuts and bolts of what we are up to out to much we did start to talk more about the true focus of our efforts more than before.

The chat was great, that was the most I have typed in the shortest amount of time ever I believe, great questions from folks and I gotta say I was a bit nervous going in just simply because as much as I will never bash .com and know that .com “rules” at the end of the day I just as much believe there are times you can build something on a non-com that is just as valuable and successful. We are proving that everyday. I was expecting a bit of a bashing on Bido but it did not happen. I appreciate the open minds people had as it pertains to someone proving that with the proper extension and marketing you can do something unexpected by many.

Then, I also must thank Natasa from the marketing department at the .ME registry, she posted twice this week on their Facebook page about happenings and also posted a story on . Great stuff, 1800 .ME fans were able to see what we were up too on Facebook alone not even counting the blog post. On the Facebook page topic, we just recently launched the Facebook page and broke 100 fans rather easily and look to be going up daily. I expect to do some marketing just for the Facebook page soon as well. What I really like is that there are quite a few people joining from around Missouri that were not even connected to myself. That likely means they are joining from the site itself. Great!

We also completed our press release and worked with the team at Business Wire to get it ready. I had a very solid source put our release together (he has previous done marketing for companies worth hundreds of millions) and I must say it turned out nice. As much as I like to write in my blog it is still weird to see quotes in a press release from me, and even weirder to think I actually said them:) Its going nationwide Monday, look for it. I have done press releases in the past for some of my sites just for SEO reasons, this is the first time I have done it for any other reason than that. Based on that I spent the money on a top notch release service and distribution. It was more than I was used to doing at PRWeb but all indications from friends of mine that focus in that area are that this is the service to use, get what you pay for type of thing.

Another great note from last week was a partnership I hope to give more info on soon, the dates have been set for a launch of a partnership between ourselves and a technology partner that focuses on delivering Internet and phone service to a large swatch of Missouri and several other states that we are in. This will give us a market penetration that we did not expect to have for several months.

There are quite a few other things that got closer to final stages this week as far as marketing goes, we had great talks with the Tour of Missouri folks and I really am looking forward to combining business and pleasure with that event. We also are close to finalizing some TV commercial production agreements (through a surprising barter that is a blog post and story unto itself someday) to get our brand in front of people.

And then the biggie as far as the domain world is concerned, the story. Special thanks to Ron Jackson at for doing a great job of telling our story. I am still a bit in shock and humbled to say the least from the amount of emails and calls from domainer friends and more importantly people that did not know me before the story. It was quite awesome to say the least. I have been in or around the domain community for sometime but never really was to involved socially and actively until this year just due to time/focus on the “day job” but to see the support he community gives to new blood was a great thing. Its appreciated, wow is all I can say. Good people:)

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I Own Almost 50 Percent of the United States

OK, so funny title I know.  As many of you know I am a big believer in the Geo domain space and have been continuing to make investments there, this week I have increased the square mileage owned signficantly. I now am owner of 23 US States in the .ME extension with several being picked up this week in the .ME auction. There is a plan behind this that I will be releasing some information on soon, here is the list of states I currently own:

With the fall of old school newspapers I believe Geo domain owners are sitting on the opportunity of a lifetime. Its time to develop and turn Geo properties into real thriving online businesses.  I look forward to sharing my plan for this in detail (with examples) in the very near future.