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Jack Rickard Gets dotME And Electric Cars

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I had the pleasure of spending what was one of the more enjoyable nights of conversation about the history of the commercial Internet and life in general tonight. I am starting to think their is a technology mafia in Southeast Missouri as more and more I run into people or stories that surprise me to be in my own backyard.

Tonight I spent 6 hours with Kevin Cantwell (President of Big River Telephone) and Jack Rickard, now for people that had not started their professional career at the time that the commercial Internet really took off (mid 90s) or were not involved in the BBS world you may not be familiar with Jack, for me though this was a surprise connection that took me back to the inception of my professional career.

Jack Rickard founded Boardwatch magazine, the magazine was initially focused on BBS systems but during the mid-90s became the DE FACTO resource for information on ISPs and companies building out what is now the Internet you use everyday. Although the Internet had started well before the mid 90s it was really during that time that companies began investing heavily to make it what it is. Well, Jack was the one responsible for building the most popular magazine of the time, I can honestly say I remember anxiously awaiting for the magazine to arrive each month so I could analyze and read the details of the IP backbones of the various service providers like UUNET, PSI, BBN, ATT (I was helping to build this one), and others.

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dotME Going Strong – Everyone Wants A Piece Of .ME

Thanks to the .ME team for the mention in their press release today. Here is the release below.



Catchy ccTLD Sells for Big Bucks and Makes Bold Branding Statements

PODGORICA, Montenegro – Oct. 21, 2009 – The .ME Registry is celebrating significant success in its most recent online auction. NameJet® auctioned off 15 premium .ME domains between Sept. 25 and Oct. 2. The results certainly suggest .ME is a popular and valuable commodity in the world of domain extensions. Among the biggest sellers, Friend.Me sold for $21,000 and Host.Me sold for $15,200. The popularity and increasing value of the .ME extension is not surprising when you take a closer look at how people and businesses around the world are using this ccTLD to send a message on the Web.

WhyHire.Me is a Web site, launched in North America, to help students and graduates get noticed by potential employers. A college professor and two software professionals developed the site. Now, several universities are using the portal and curriculum to teach students about new media and online personal branding.
“As an educator and brand marketer, I seek out the clearest possible message,” says Patti Church, one of the co-founders of WhyHire.Me. “No one can dispute the value and clarity of what our brand name communicates or what dot-ME offers our students and subscribers who use it to build their own online brand.”

Another Web site taking advantage of the “me” message is Missouri.Me. The U.S. geo-targeted site encourages Web visitors to use Missouri.Me as a “one-stop shopping” location for anything they want to know and any resource they need within that state. Localtek, the brains behind the Missouri site, is set to launch its second endeavor, Oklahoma.Me, within weeks and 25 other state-focused sites with .ME extensions are planned.

“Since we are focused on creating a connection between rural U.S. Internet users and their local communities, it is important for our sites to feel personal…dot-ME does just that,” says Bruce Marler of Missouri.Me. “Dot-ME is the greatest online personal branding tool that has been created. People feel they are really connected with the individual developing their blog, resume or other presence online and corporations, like ours, have the ability to use strong call to action dot-ME names to develop a Web presence with an individual connection.”
“These kinds of entrepreneurs are at the heart of dot-ME’s success,” notes Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “Because we realize the infinite opportunities that exist for the use of dot-ME, the Registry is now encouraging anyone with a good idea and a strong business plan to approach us about using a dot-ME domain in an entrepreneurial venture. Sites like WhyHire.Me and Missouri.Me are prime examples of how and why dot-ME is a pivotal part of the Internet.”

For other examples and articles about the many clever uses of .ME, visit ExploreTheWorldOf.Me. To learn more about the .ME Registry, developing a .ME business idea or to find out how to register a .ME domain, go to www.Domain.Me.

About the .ME Registry:
.ME Registry (the d.b.a. of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. .ME Registry partners include ME-net, and Afilias Limited. Me-Net is located in Montenegro and its principals have beenleaders in the ICT sector in Montenegro, including the privatization of its largest ISP. is located in the USA and is the world’s largest domain registrar and the largest paid hostlargest domain name registrar and the largest paid hostname provider in the world, according to Netcraft Ltd. Afilias Limited is headquartered in Ireland and is a leading registry services provider, supporting more than 15 million domains worldwide.