There have been a few comments in various places about new vs. old domainer talk lately and many of the comments I read first started around some of the posts I made in the last couple weeks. I just wanted to make sure the spirit of some of my posts that I have done lately was clear.

I do not have any “us against them” agenda or thoughts. I can tell by reading some of the comments discussing my posts that people may think I do, well I do not. My comments are purely based on the fact that there is not just one group of domainers. There are multiple groups and some people that fit in more than one of the groups. I consider myself someone who fits across multiple groups (mainly .COMs but also believe you can build a business even if you do not have it).

But if you had to split into 2 groups it would work out to be those that started early or with capital and the second group would be those that are starting to find a bit of a taste of success or have had much success that came later to the game.