I read a post at DomainingTips.com tonight and I am sure my comments here will frustrate some but for those that can start to think about where domain names fit in the world to the typical small business owner and the level of education that has happened at the small business level about domain names then maybe instead of frustration people can quit saying that small business owners are stupid and start to realize they have a business to run and it is our job as an industry to educate them.

I am getting EXTREMELY tired of hearing about how small business owners should of just bought X name for large dollars. First off, realize right now that the majority of potential end user sales are small businesses that do not have a 20K marketing budget sitting there to buy a domain name. So quit saying they should just buy it. Why didn’t you buy domain.com to start your domaining business on, should you not of bought that to start domaining? Of course not so get over yourself and realize that these people have other expenses and employees.