A couple weeks back I had tweeted that I felt inspired to start blogging again. Amazing all the various things that have occurred since then to inspire me even more to start streaming words on to the interwebs again. 4 years back (wow it has been that long) I would write 2 to 3 blog posts a day and really enjoyed the interactions with people in the domain investment community. Then it would be a post here and there, but I never could gain the consistency back. But one thing I always knew was that blogging actually helps me be more productive. It helps me get my thoughts together in some ways, in a public manner, yet it helped to focus me.

Well, although there are quite a few new people in the domain community who may be wondering who the heck this blogger is showing up on Domaining.com (need to put that banner back up), I look forward to hearing from those who have opinions on my opinions. The gTLD expansion has opened up whole new expanses of property, and as much as dot com may still lead the way, it would be hard to argue that many of the gTLDs would not make it to a successful place on the internet. This makes the industry interesting again. For so long it felt like more of the same, which I think is why I just stayed in the background and did my thing, had some nice dot com, dot co, and dot me transactions and jumped heavily into mobile app development and re-launched Missouri.me.

Today I spend most of my professional working hours as VP of Technical Sales for CafeX Communications where I lead the global sales engineering team and sales for a large swath of North America, selling WebRTC real time engagement SDKs to Fortune 500s is challenging yet has been the most fun I have had in the past 10 years. But at the same time LocalTek, the company I founded in 2009, has established itself as a leader in our region in web design and development as well as mobile apps for small businesses, it was founded out of ideas for business development on geo domains (we as a company own 24 different state.me domain names). But the geo domain business has shifted, and out of that came innovation we have created based on mobile apps that we have started to show with Missouri.me. I give my wife a lot of credit for the success LocalTek has had as working for a rapidly growing startup like CafeX is quite all consuming, so it takes a strong partner to make sure things move like they should on the other fronts.

It is time though to start growing my domain investment again, I have became an active participant in auctions again, and, well, maybe have had a few nice gTLD hand registrations, you may of heard about Credit.Club. Although I am the first to say do not start registration every generic word on every new extension, there is plenty of value out there right now that in a few years will show to be good investments.

I will shut up now, but I am glad to be back. Even if my entrance back ended up being a bit more dramatic than planned with the weeks past events.