Mardi Gras Balcony Mardi Gras Balcony

I am not even sure where to start this post, I got home last night from New Orleans and realized that I had slept less than 8 total hours since I left on Thursday to head to Domainer Mardi Gras and all the festivities that surround it on Bourbon St.

The team from did a phenomenal job setting this all up, from the “Mardi Gras Bead Etiquette” guide in the conference guide to the private balcony that worked as our home base throughout the event (well at least while on Bourbon St).

Patrick and Michael
Patrick and Michael

I have been going to various types of conferences for years but, and anyone that knows me now will understand this next point, the fun had here was tops. From the crawfish boil sponsored by (thanks for the hospitality Kevin and Mary!) to the closing party from 2PM until 3AM (yes you read that right) good times were to be had.

I was on the opening panel called “Show Me The Money!” with Patrick Carleton and  Sean Stafford, both great guys and the panel flowed quite well. Sig Solares moderated the panel and did a great job asking questions the provided value to the audience. We all have different approaches to the industry and came from varying directions so it was really great to hear different perspectives on how to either get moving or make more.

It was also really interesting to hear Ron Jackson and Andrew Allemann discuss reporting on the industry, two great guys I really enjoy seeing while at the conferences.

With many great panelists on all the remaining panels I heard a lot of comments from people about the info they were getting, that is great to hear when you consider all the fun going on 24 hours a day surrounding the event.

But back to the party:)

Although it was wet and rainy for the Crawfish boil the opening night I found out quick that there was no rest for the wicked, sleep is not something that you will get but you really do not realize it until after you leave, I promise!

The next night was cold buy dry so Bourbon St filled up, I had been to Bourbon St. many times in the past but never during Mardi Gras, had cases of beads to make sure that we were loaded up well and with the private room to go along with the balcony, oh yeah and open bar and frequent food refreshes there was constant fun.

Chef Patrick and Friend
Chef Patrick and Friend

It became real clear how important the balcony was, there is no other way in my mind now to enjoy Mardi Gras, a balcony is a must, great job by the Domainer Mardi Gras team to make sure we had everything we needed to enjoy it.

But the first balcony night was just the warm up, the second DAY and NIGHT was a blast, after quick jaunt to the voodoo shops and through some other areas of New Orleans we headed to the balcony, it was maybe 3PM and the streets were already full. You know then the fun is about to begin, with the balcony rented until 2AM you knew you better pace yourself.


Along with that, I must say the casual environment really allows for a lot of great networking, although I knew many of the people already from past travels there were many I had never got to speak to much, the way this was setup allowed great networking (albeit after it gets late the conversation are probably not as coherent).

And did we mention the bartending staff, handpicked and flown in? I will leave it at that. They did a great job keeping the crowd partying and enjoying Mardi Gras.

I am counting down the days until next years Domainer Mardi Gras, I cannot imagine how this years can be topped.