Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I had the pleasure of spending what was one of the more enjoyable nights of conversation about the history of the commercial Internet and life in general tonight. I am starting to think their is a technology mafia in Southeast Missouri as more and more I run into people or stories that surprise me to be in my own backyard.

Tonight I spent 6 hours with Kevin Cantwell (President of Big River Telephone) and Jack Rickard, now for people that had not started their professional career at the time that the commercial Internet really took off (mid 90s) or were not involved in the BBS world you may not be familiar with Jack, for me though this was a surprise connection that took me back to the inception of my professional career.

Jack Rickard founded Boardwatch magazine, the magazine was initially focused on BBS systems but during the mid-90s became the DE FACTO resource for information on ISPs and companies building out what is now the Internet you use everyday. Although the Internet had started well before the mid 90s it was really during that time that companies began investing heavily to make it what it is. Well, Jack was the one responsible for building the most popular magazine of the time, I can honestly say I remember anxiously awaiting for the magazine to arrive each month so I could analyze and read the details of the IP backbones of the various service providers like UUNET, PSI, BBN, ATT (I was helping to build this one), and others.