It is ironic that I am likely the last to post a story today about, I was with Aron Meystedt the day he bought it and had a very fun dinner with him tonight after a very fun and crazy day for him. As most have heard today is the 25th anniversary of the registration of, who would of known when I first did the interview with Aron that he would end up picking up this very key name in the history of the internet.

To me this domain name, if it was possible, would be featured in the Smithsonian (of course that is not possible), although people like to point out that was registered before, no one can argue that when it comes to the billions (trillions???) of dollars that will be transacted over the web this .COM domain name is the one that started it. The internet has changed the way we communicate, shop, research, and pretty much do everything in our day to day life. I would consider the first name to have a level of historic importance that ranks pretty high.

For domainers it was great to see the story featured on everything from CNN, Mashable, to Wired.

Aron is a great guy and to see all the great stories today about the 25th anniversary of, I am still amazed at how calm he was about it all tonight. You would of never known he had been interviewed across the country and had stories coming in off alerts all day. Just another guy eating a burger at a a local restaurant tonight. And that is why I consider him one of the good guys.

You can also check out the Verisign site celebrating the 25th anniversary at