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It is ironic that I am likely the last to post a story today about, I was with Aron Meystedt the day he bought it and had a very fun dinner with him tonight after a very fun and crazy day for him. As most have heard today is the 25th anniversary of the registration of, who would of known when I first did the interview with Aron that he would end up picking up this very key name in the history of the internet.

To me this domain name, if it was possible, would be featured in the Smithsonian (of course that is not possible), although people like to point out that was registered before, no one can argue that when it comes to the billions (trillions???) of dollars that will be transacted over the web this .COM domain name is the one that started it. The internet has changed the way we communicate, shop, research, and pretty much do everything in our day to day life. I would consider the first name to have a level of historic importance that ranks pretty high.

For domainers it was great to see the story featured on everything from CNN, Mashable, to Wired.

Aron is a great guy and to see all the great stories today about the 25th anniversary of, I am still amazed at how calm he was about it all tonight. You would of never known he had been interviewed across the country and had stories coming in off alerts all day. Just another guy eating a burger at a a local restaurant tonight. And that is why I consider him one of the good guys.

You can also check out the Verisign site celebrating the 25th anniversary at


  1. Aron 7 years ago says:


    (Sigh) I guess I’ll go car shopping :D

  2. Christy 7 years ago says:

    Great article Bruce!

    And Aron…let me know when you get that Ferrari! :-)


  3. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @Michaela – Your are welcome!!! A great day for all of us that have lived the web for the past many years! Congrats to Verisign as well!

  4. Michaela 7 years ago says:

    Hey…thanks for the birthday wishes! Nice article

  5. Bill Myers 7 years ago says:

    BTW it’s great to see Bruce Marler is and not some shonky two bit operator pretending to be a fraud.

    Well done.

    William M.

  6. Bill Myers 7 years ago says:

    I would be forgeting about the Ferrari Aron, you should be more interested in getting instead.

    What a joke to the domaining industry, you chase after a holy grail and now will have to change your name if you don’t get your domain.

    What thrilling enterntainment. All our bets are on World Internet Authority.

    Good luck kid,

    William M.

  7. Aron 7 years ago says:

    Thanks man.

    Had a good time tonight.

    Looks like I’ll be buying a Ferrari (inside joke) :)



    • bruce 7 years ago says:

      @Bill Meyers – I always promise to not censor comments although your comments are a bit personal and completely unfounded. Anyone that knows Aron personally (not many BTW) would actually see your comment and laugh, Aron is anything but a two bit operator. You do not acquire the types of names he has and be an amateur. I can never understand why people like to try to knock the people that have done well for themselves, Aron stays humble and gives without asking for anything in return more than most I know. Not sure why you are so bitter towards him.

      Aron is typically much more reserved about responding to comments such as this so I am happy too. Aron spends his dollars acquiring names such as,, etc. Although I am sure he wouldnt mind having his name it does not cause him any headaches not too.

      I do appreciate the comment about me having and there is a story behind me getting it, but by no means should anyone say Aron is an amateur for not having his, I know many solid domainers that do not have their names. It happens and they choose to spend their money on investments that make money, like Aron….

      So I have let the comments through that you posted, but am not sure how you could possibly be serious.

      And the Ferrari was a joke by Aron BTW (and for those at dinner last night a pretty damn funny one).