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Quit Blaming The End Users It Is A Domain Industry Problem

I read a post at a couple nights back and although the post was good a couple of the comments really tells me why the domain industry has a problem. Unfortunately a couple comments say more than it would seem since the same theme is heard over and over again. I am sure my comments here will frustrate some but for those that can start to think about where domain names fit in the world to the typical small business owner and the level of education that has happened at the small business level about domain names then maybe instead of frustration people can quit saying that small business owners are stupid and start to realize they have a business to run and it is our job as an industry to educate them.

I am getting EXTREMELY tired of hearing about how small business owners should of just bought X name for large dollars. First off, realize right now that the majority of potential end user sales are small businesses that do not have a 20K marketing budget sitting there to buy a domain name. So quit saying they should just buy it. Why didn’t you buy to start your domaining business on, should you not of bought that to start domaining? Of course not so get over yourself and realize that these people have other expenses and employees.

I understand the value of domain names but guess what, they do not, yet. Do you sit there studying the proper BBQ techniques at night, well you must be stupid because you do not know how to run a BBQ restaurant. Guess what you are not stupid, you just are not focused on that industry. My point here is that quit saying the small business owner should just get it. It is OUR BUSINESS TO EDUCATE THEM!!!!

Why is it so hard for people to understand this? We as domainers need to step out of our inward thinking industry and realize what it takes to educate the end user about the value. They have a business to run focused on their strengths. If our business is domains shouldn’t it be our job to educate the people about why they are important.

Well, and I am proud of this and am not afraid to say it, I educate people on domain names everyday, at Localtek we do more than just sell ads. We help our customers understand what it takes to go online. We do not sit behind our computer screens waiting for the customer to educate themselves.

We are also very proud that we are out doing seminars to teach the value, even though the small business owner may not be able to afford his one word generic domain that does not mean he is stupid, once again get over yourself. Most users, once they have been educated will purchase if they can, they may have to buy a lesser domain than the 50K domain many domainers say they should be buying when their revenue may only be 60K a year but at least the education can help them make the right decision.

After speaking to a few people this week about the state of our outreach to end users and the number of true end users at conferences I would say that we have failed ourselves as an industry. Do not get me wrong, there are brokers making cold calls all day who are working hard, but calling to sell a name is much different than the outreach that should of began long ago.

I have never heard of a domain industry group actually attending any conventions that target business owners, instead we focus on our inward focused conferences. Isn’t it time the money started going towards creating an organization that focused on having booths at small business conferences to help educate. Or is there a reason we do not do that? If this has happened I sure have not witnessed it. And I am not talking about an independent company, I am talking about a group of industry leaders coming together to promote the industry as a whole to those who are our true customers. It takes money to do this. At some point this will need to happen, the benefits could far outweigh the cost.

Do we not see that the majority of time spent in this little domaining industry is spent finding new ways to sell to ourselves?

I wonder if it isn’t our industry being afraid that if the businesses learn a little they maybe able to do a bit of keyword research and do an end around to get another quality name because another related two word generic may be available? Are we afraid education may hurt in the end but we like to act everyday like we want the users to know the value but are really afraid to teach them because then why do they need us?

So, what are you doing to educate rather than belittling the small businesses out there. Start thinking about what you can do to help educate rather than knocking those who do not live in this little domain world every day.

By the way, if this post made you mad or you liked it read Different Circumstances require Different Paths in case you missed it.

And one last note, there are a couple people I would like to point out that are doing a great job focusing on end users rather than other domainers, those people are Aron Meystedt (if you have not seen the Dupont Registry ad that purchased with their own money to promote this industry you are missing out). And Kevin Jackson at is also focused on end users as well.

The small businesses and large businesses of the world are ran by very smart people, it is not their fault we have not helped them understand the value of our assets.

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