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MO.com Entrepreneur Blog Interviews Missouri.me Founder

Wow, now how is that for a domainer interview title, state code .COM owner interviews .ME state name founder, we thought it was neat.

Brian Null, a fellow Missouri resident and owner of MO.com reached out recently to talk about the launch of Missouri.me, MissouriWine.net, and other projects of mine like this blog.

I thought, heck, how fun would it be to have Missouri.me interviewed on MO.com , which for those who may not know, is the two letter state code for Missouri.

Thanks to Brian for taking the time, he actually did a great job asking me questions that I had not answered before around investment and social media.

Brian was a pleasure to talk to and I look forward to meeting him in person soon.

You can read the interview at Bruce Marler – Show Me The Entrepreneur


  1. Rashid Mahmood 7 years ago says:

    It nice to have such kind of interviews which are beneficial for every one.

  2. Bruce Marler 7 years ago says:

    Thanks Jeff. Yeah, it was fun, we got a kick out of the irony. Brian is a great guy and I really look forward to keeping up with the interviews on Mo.com

  3. Jeff 7 years ago says:

    Catching up on blog reading and I missed this one.

    Great interview Bruce!

    How funny a .com competitor of yours interviews a .me development lol.

    Goes to show a few things and domainers who are clueless on forums who keep bashing .me and .tv. You can be quit successful in building a business around a name besides .com and Bruce your leading the way!