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How To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

social-networkingAfter my two posts concerning how to create a Facebook fan page and then how to set your Facebook fan page username I thought it only proper to finish off the series with a post on how to promote your Facebook fan page once you had it up and running. Here are the ways that have been found to be most effective, feel free to leave a comment with ways you have found effective in promoting your fan page after launching yours, if you have a new domain development and want a low cost way to promote your site a fan page is a great way to start:

Suggest to friends – This is the easiest way and should be the first thing you do after creating your page and making it public. You can do this right from the fan page. The only problem with this is that you have to select each friend individually which can be a bit time consuming if you have a lot of friends on Facebook. You will see the suggest to friends link on the left menu bar of the fan page.

Promotional graphic or icon – You can do this much like you do for a personal Facebook account, add a graphic to your website that says Find Us On Facebook. This works very well since you know the fans you get are truly interested in your site since they came from your site. This allows you to promote and target products to people that have interest from the beginning.

Blog about it – If you have a blog or a site that has the ability to add content why not announce your fan page. This is something I am getting ready to do with one of my sites.

Business cards – This is something that I am noticing more and more, people are including their Twitter and Facebook links on their business cards. This is a great way to promote your online world with old school leave behinds like a business card. I will be adding Facebook page links to my next set of business cards.

Email signatures – This is something I did for Twitter and still do with my blog at times, when I send business emails I will include an extended signature with my Facebook, Twitter, and blog links. Another free way to promote your brand.

Facebook advertising – Facebook makes it easy to promote your page, I did this with the Missouri.me fan page for the first day to gain a few more fans. This is easy to setup and was effective.

For guidelines on what you can and cannot do to promote your Facebook fan page or to download the Facebook badge to put on your site check this link: Facebook promotional guidelines.


  1. Playboy 5 years ago says:

    Check Out Playboy Hot Housewives: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Playboys-Hot-Housewives/276548085710494
    Fans as again you make it over thousand Likes! :D

  2. Kristia 6 years ago says:

    I have a Domain, I have a Blog site that I’m already using to promote my Like Page. But how do I attach my Like Page to my Domain name so it shows up like this : kristiahord.com/facebook instead of directing people the other way?

  3. Anil C 6 years ago says:

    I have created one application to promote facebook pages in a very new way which extends the idea of billboard from real world hence kinda ebillboard… http://www.milliondollarlikes.com/ it uses the concept of buzz marketing to promote facebook pages… and attract fans… you might want to have a look…

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  5. palla ramarao 6 years ago says:

    Wonderful article. I will try with my fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/TechLikes/117373351619745. Just recently created it. Do you know how to join multiple facebook groups at once.?

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  8. Bruce Marler 7 years ago says:

    I typically show a teaser to drive them to my main website so they can see more I have to offer.

  9. Rob Wise 7 years ago says:

    I am thinking about giving employment type advise on my smsthejob facebook page, essentually our being a web to sms job alert system.

    Or should I have a teaser head line on the page and this links back to my http://www.smsthejob.com.au site ?

    Thanks in advance

  10. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @Janine – Thanks! And yes I am referring to Facebook paid advertising. Although there is a cost done right it can be the fastest way to gain fans.

  11. Janine Gregor 7 years ago says:

    Nice post…

    When you state, “Facebook Advertising”…are you mentioning the paid Facebook advertising?


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