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How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Website

Get More Fans With Facebook Fanpages
Get More Fans With Facebook Fanpages

If you are developing your domain business then you will need to be creative and use several different ways to create awareness of your site and promote various things you may be doing with your site, this helps to drive traffic and a sense of connection with the users.

One of the ways I have been able to get free advertising for our geo properties and our customers is by creating a Facebook fan page for Missouri.me. This has been a great way to put information out about our latest sponsors and also keep people updated with events we are attending as well.

Based on the success we have had with that Facebook fan page I decided it would be valuable to create a page for some of my other developed sites. Since many are not aware they can create a fan page to allow a more social connection with their users I wanted to give a quick how to.

The first step you will want to make is to visit the Create A Page site on Facebook

Once there you will want to select the type of fan page you are wanting to create, in this case I need to select the button for” Brand, Product or Organization” and then select the “Website” option since I am building a fan page for a news aggregation site.

After doing this I then need to input the name of the website, in this case iFones.com into the form entry for “Name Of Website”.

At this point , if you are authorized, you will need to check the box confirming you are authorized  and type your legal name into the Electronic Signature box and then click Create Page.

After doing this I am directed to a page confirming that the page is setup and I can start uploading pictures or link the page to my Twitter account which then tweets all fan page posts directly to the associated Twitter account. I recommend linking it to your twitter account so you can take advantage of your complete social network. To this you select the link to connect your two accounts and put in your Twitter login information and submit.

At this point you will be redirected back to a list of your pages with their configuration, in this case I will click on the ifones.com Facebook page link.

The first thing you will see is that your page has not been published and in red lettering to click to publish the page. Click this and then you will have the option to become a fan of your page, might be a good idea to click that one:)

At this point its time to start setting up your page. The first thing I would do is click the “Write something about iFones.com” or in your case about your site.

There are many other options you can setup at this point but at this point your page is created and its time to add the first post to the page Wall. To do this click on the Wall tab at the top of the page. This would be a great time to put a link up to the main page of the site and introduce what its about.

Also, if you highlight over the logo box you will see a popup that allows you to click and upload a logo. I would recommend uploading some sort of picture or logo, most people will not become a fan of a page that does not show at least a little customization. I uploaded a logo I had created for iFones.com sometime ago to show some customization.

Now, one of the frustrations that I have is that Facebook by default creates a very long string as the fan page URL for this site, in this case it was: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ifonescom/149771601945?v=wall&ref=nf

You can change the name, you will see the Missouri.me fan page is at Facebook.com/missourime (be a fan:) But if you have just launched a fan page you cannot modify the fan page username until you have at least 25 followers.

To help get that moving on the left hand side of the fan page select the “Suggest to Friends” button. Once you hit 25 followers you can then go to: Facebook Username

One there you can follow the instructions on how to set the name, its a really easy process that allows you to shorten the name to something memorable and easy to promote.

If you are looking to promote a new site or product then I highly recommend setting up a fan page on Facebook. We have had great success driving traffic and have actually been able to win new customers with it.


  1. jeff johnson 6 years ago says:

    This is really an awesome post.. nice tips to create a fan page.. i believe that facebook fan page should be designed in an attractive manner as it represents you globally..

  2. Saif Haider 6 years ago says:

    My Wibiya toolbar is not working in Internet Explorer but your wibiya toolbar is working in Internet Explorer how?

    Can you please tell me how to solve this problem please

  3. Ali 7 years ago says:

    Great post – sorted out my username easily with your information – even easier than trying to find the info on facebook itself!! Many thanks!

  4. Thom 7 years ago says:

    Any idea if there is a way to track new members signing on to facebook fan pages for a contest? Sign on date or member id number?

  5. Samit 7 years ago says:

    Thanks, the info is appreciated.

    Like your blog a lot, have linked to it from mine :)


  6. adloussopy 7 years ago says:

    Great Post..Very useful matter has been discussed ….

  7. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @jarrett – Thanks for the nice comments and great job getting the page together for your customer. Very glad it helped!

  8. Jarrett Gucci 7 years ago says:

    Great post. I just recently had a client ask me to create a custom Fan Page on Facebook and I never have done it before but said I would figure it out. This post really helped and the final product (http://www.facebook.com/cherylburkedancestudios) gave me a new idea of offering this service in my company at a fraction of the price all others are doing it. I think these new “Facebook Websites” could be a great way for business owners to stand out on Facebook. It is also a good way to look different if you are using it for personal reason.

    Thank you author

  9. Mark Fulton 7 years ago says:

    Thanks! I didn’t know I could set a short URL for my pages :) Very cool. Glad to have /DotSauce now, didn’t want to use it for my personal profile.

  10. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @TeenDomainer – The traffic from this was excellent to the http://tour.missouri.me site. It is a great way to get connected with the users.

    @Thanks Dan! Not sure on the PNG thing. I need to reformat both of my pages logo pictures today actually.

  11. Dan Sanchez 7 years ago says:

    I actually ventured into creating my first facebook page yesterday morning, I could have used this guide! The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the profile picture, does it not like .png or something? It’s all blurry =[

    Great post Bruce!


  12. TeenDomainer 7 years ago says:

    I was thinking about doing a fan page for some of my ebay biz, but I never got around to it, Does it help drive very much traffic I have never really had great results from facebook?

  13. Chef Patrick 7 years ago says:

    @Bruce – I would buy, but can’t get a hold of her. She has her profile super private for something. It just redirects to the home page.

  14. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @Patrick – Maybe he would sell it:) J/K
    @Arbel – Thanks much and thanks for the link to posting to wall with notes. My next fan page is for my blog. I will use that.

  15. Arbel 7 years ago says:

    Importing Blog Articles Into Your Facebook Fan Page Wall Using Notes.
    This is the link to the instructions… I did it for all my websites.

    Very Important !

    “Importing Blog Articles Into Your Facebook Fan Page Wall Using Notes”

  16. Arbel 7 years ago says:

    I did a Facebook Fan Page for all ,y developments… Very important.

    Also if the development is a wordpress, you have to connect your blog or site throw the RSS feed inside your Facebook Fan Page , than every member in your fan-page will see every new post in his Facebook Home…you do it throw the note option.

    Great Article Bruce,



  17. Chef Patrick 7 years ago says:

    I really need to do this.

    Unfortunately someone already owns Facebook.com/ChefPatrick.

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