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Holistic Marketing Plans For Local Business

This was a very busy week for / Localtek. We had seminars in both Park Hills and Chamois, MO and had a great time meeting with members of the business leadership in Cuba, MO. I wanted to say thanks to all those who spent the time to listen to what it takes to succeed online today and how marketing is changing compared to years past.

No matter what size the community today people are looking for products and services online. This means that your competitor is not necessarily down the street but is more likely someone in another state, the Internet has leveled the playing field and customer retention becomes as important as business growth.

The way things are changing from a marketing point of view really requires an open mind from business leaders who typically have had purely legacy media to work with, newspapers, radio, yellow pages, and billboards. Although it is impossible to go strictly online as a local business it is important to think about how you work a holistic marketing plan to get the most bang for your buck as you move to having a web presence as well as market offline.

From the selection of your domain name to the ad you put on the radio you must think about how they all work together, even more so that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter start to play a daily role in many peoples lives (especially in the disposable income crowd).

For those business leaders from the communities listed at the top of this post, thanks for the time this week, we look forward to working with you.

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