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Headed Back To New Orleans For the GeoDomain Expo

Well it is official I have booked my hotel and travel for the trip to New Orleans for the Geo Domain Expo April 28th through the 30th. I am really looking forward to this conference as it hits the core of what we as a company do and that is develop geographically targeted domain names.

With a great agenda lining up this will be a great place to network with other people specifically in this segment of the domain industry, you can see the agenda here.

After meeting with Patrick Carleton who leads the charge for the GeoDomain Expo last week  I can say that I am very excited to attend, if you want to learn more about how to best monetize your geo domains do not miss 0ut and book now.

One thing no one can argue with is the success of many of the top Geo domainers that attend this conference, when it comes to developing key properties Geo domainers seem to have a knack for it.  Hope to see you there!


  1. George Pickering 7 years ago says:

    Have fun. NOLA is a great town for a conference

  2. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @Kevin – It should be great, and I will be sober this time in NoLo:)

    @Zadling – I will enjoy for sure. I love going down there. The food and overall experience are always great!

  3. Zadling 7 years ago says:

    Enjoy the trip. Be sure to check out the crawfish etouffe! I can’t wait to get down there myself.

  4. Kevin M. 7 years ago says:

    I’ve always felt GeoDomain Expo was one of the best shows. Not big, but very intimate for everyone. Some great people to network with that are very generous with their advice and experience sharing. Won’t be able to make this one, but you should find this very valuable Bruce. Have a great time.