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First Page Of Google Costs More Than $100

As a company that works with local businesses on bringing them online and helping them with online advertising and local SEO we spend quite a bit of our effort on educating the customers.

This is quite rewarding and our team enjoys showing customers how taking advantage of how the customer uses the web everyday actually helps them bring customers to their door that use the web in the same way they do.

We like to talk to our customers about more than their website and when building the website we like to start with some level of basic SEO. With most of our customers being local businesses and local search on the rise, most of our customers understand right away how important it is to show up when people search for local services.

Although many customers are still learning how to understand that just because they are found online does not mean people are buying from them online, they are understanding that they need to be there.

We have another set of customers that start to see the benefits of SEO and see that they can increase their market presence and expand their product reach nationally, if not globally. It is great once this realization sets in. But there is one issue.

Many customers have a look of disbelief once it is explained that it takes more than $100 in extra services to make the first page of Google for a one word term. One way that it is easy to explain this is by showing the number of results shown for a search term and the companies that are on the first page and showing some simple results of why they are there.

Another way of showing the value is equating it to something that customers are familiar with, things like paying more for higher eyeball having TV shows, larger reach radio stations, etc. If a term has 500 searches a month it is likely to be much less competitive than a term that has hundreds of thousands of searches a month.

If organic SEO cost is a concern it is typically a good plan to offer PPC help up front but as we all know it makes much more sense over the long term to have a solid organic SEO plan in place.

Large companies understand this and as time progresses smaller businesses will start to understand this as well. It is great when a prospective customer starts to see the potential, they start to think about how they use the internet. For those customers that realize that but do not have the budget in place for a larger marketing plan it is important to start them from a base they can build from in the future for a larger reach SEO plan. Sooner or later they will want, or NEED it.


  1. bruce 6 years ago says:


    Very true Leonard, there is still much educating to do on how important it is to be found when people are looking for your business.


  2. Leonard Britt 6 years ago says:

    I suppose domainers stepping into development can be guilty as well thinking erroneously that a nice keyword domain and a static minisite will generate traffic. It is one thing to acquire a nice keyword domain. It is completely a different issue to rank a new website for a competitive phrase. But yes, businesses often will spend thousands on monthly business-related expenses but often view the idea of paying hundreds or more for an online presence as a ripoff.

  3. bruce 6 years ago says:


    Thanks! One of my biggest frustrations is people purchasing a website and then never promoting it, a customers website is the most effective tool they have promoting their message. Its their real estate on the web, use it.


    I like the rhyme:)


  4. TeenDomainer 6 years ago says:

    Well put, you can offer some PPC but in the long run organic SEO is the way to go!

    (Kinda Rhymes?)

  5. Ross 6 years ago says:

    One thing I have found is anyone can make a website = Graphic Designers etc. But that is only actually 1/3 of the job completed. People often get the website and it’s like an online business card. It just sits there and they have paid good money for it. Which is okay, but they are really missing out big time.

    They don’t realize that theres another 2/3 of the job to be completed which is the off site seo, ppc advertising to make the site to start working 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week through the search engines.
    Takes a switch on website company with an entrepreneur mind set to really know which words to focus on with site building, seo and ppc.
    Every website owner should think what there ideal customer would be typing in to google and check google themselves to see if they are on the first page. If not, you need seo/ search engine optimization help.

    Sounds like customers get a great complete package with localtek.