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First Domain Name Ever Bought Acquired By – Switches Hands

Congratulations to my good friend and domain investor Aron Meystedt on his acquisition of This is a piece of history changing hands after almost 25 years owned by the same company. The domain name was the FIRST name to actually be purchased by a private entity and is a prize that many have wanted but never been able to acquire. If you know Aron you will understand when I say this could not of happened to a better person, they really do not get any better as a person or businessman. I am still amazed though that he was able to pull this acquisition off.

I spoke to Aron 3 minutes after he acquired it since we had plans to get together to chat and do dinner that evening and he was busy working with his team putting the site together for, once he told me what he bought I was floored. I have got to say it was a bit cool knowing I was the absolute first to know what he had pulled off. But I was sworn to secrecy, at dinner that night we talked about the fact that this one of the top pieces of history on the web, when it was announced it needed to be done in the right manner. If you wanted to own the domain name that started this world we live in everyday this would be it.

Congratulations Aron!

Here is the story as first broke on DNJournal: DNJournal Story

And also : Techcrunch Story


  1. Brandon 7 years ago says:

    I have to say that I don’t know Aron personally, but I did speak with him through email about a domain name I own that I was wishing to sell to his company and although he didn’t purchase it from me, he gave me all sorts of advice and information about domain names. He even went so far as to introduce me to a couple of his people over at Sedo to help me out if I decided to sell through them.

    So, I have to agree that the ownership of this domain could not have gone to a better person. Good job Aron!

  2. Tia Wood 7 years ago says:

    This is an exciting acquisition! Now when future talks about history and mentions the first domain in existence, think of all the type in traffic!

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