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domaingangAnd now for something completely different:) Recently I had the pleasure of doing and in-depth, behind the scenes interview with the reporters (Lucius “Guns” Fabrice and Giovanni “Crazee” Mossolini). The two have taken the domain name news reporting industry to a whole new level as of late and I was honored they took the time out of their day of working to have the latest domain name news scoop to actually talk (ok email) with me.

Here is the interview, I hope you enjoy:

The two of you have done a great job taking the domain news world by storm, how do you two know each other, the team work is off the charts?

Stranger things have happened, like domain owners asking for full fledged development instead of minisites. We’re both active in forums and possess similar writing skills that employ humor to deliver our message.

What does it feel like to be considered the de facto indepth research and news organization for the domaining world now?

We are not the de facto news organization, we’re simple the most awesome news source for the domaining industry – delivering the news even before they happen.

As you reported Ron Jackson has sold DNJournal, probably due to your success, are you concerned bloggers will quit blogging and other news organizations will call it quits due to your success?

As you probably know, Ron Jackson now has a bobblehead figure – that’s a premium height of success that we haven’t ascented – yet! So there’s room for more achievements in the coming months.

Your traffic has skyrocketed faster than any other domain focused site, is this due to the amazing SEO tips you have in your article 5 SEO Non-Expert Tips for the Expert SEO?

The fact is that all of our traffic is due to boredom. We are bored reading the same regurgitated news on blogs each day, so we write our own. Equally, bored domainers come to to read refreshing and sometimes outlandish but believable news about the domain industry. We’re the Onion of domaining – but we taste like garlic.

How do you keep the momentum going?

A couple of beers, nachos with salsa, coffee, lots of chocolate and not enough sex.

How much money did the “Bruce Marler is lazy and RT follow Fridays” fundraiser raise for the important Domain mass development research cause?

We cannot reveal that yet, the next fundraiser will probably meet the minimum $1 that Paypal allows to transfer.

What are some of the key domains that the DomainGang team has registered, I am sure you have some amazing .tel names for sure.

It’s funny that you mentioned but someone did register *after* our article about minisite development. They see the potential of humorous sites or backlinks from our site.

Thanks to team for taking the time to reveal their secrets and their thoughts on domain news reporting.

DISCLAIMER: If you still do not understand that is meant to be humorous and fiction in most cases then this interview may not of made sense. Enjoy the humor.


  1. Rauhbautz 7 years ago says:

    Thanx for the interview! Any pics of the gang.sters?

    I guess you can ask them to send some pics – I bet those would be something with x-rated stuff. At least what I’m expecting from them =]

  2. Dan 7 years ago says:

    It’s like a little getaway to an island of humorous fantasies…

  3. bruce 7 years ago says:

    Thanks for the comments!!!

    @Acro – LOL, I notice that server clock is ahead and always think “I will fix that one day” but never do:)

  4. andy kelly 7 years ago says:

    Love the intereview !

    Im a recent domaingang convert ~ a breath of fresh air for sure and a brilliant way to market themselves. Unique and often funny funny funny.

  5. Acro 7 years ago says:

    As Francois would say: “I love it in the morning together with coffee and croissant!” :D

    PS Your server clock is 4 hours ahead ;)

  6. Patrick McDermott 7 years ago says:

    “Recently I had the pleasure of doing and in-depth, behind the scenes interview with the reporters (Lucius “Guns” Fabrice and Giovanni “Crazee” Mossolini).”


    If the interview was done in person, check for your wallet.

    “…and not enough sex.”

    I suspected Lucius and Giovanni were more than friends. :-)

  7. bruce 7 years ago says:

    @Tia Wood – Yes, they are the best. The most fact filled reporting on the Interwebs!!!

  8. Tia Wood 7 years ago says:

    Those guys are awesome! I read them all the time.