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I will be getting back to full blog posts starting tomorrow but in the mean time heres the video of the ChefPatrick and Bruce Marler show on Bido. It was a great time and I hope there is plenty of info on there to keep you interested. Its fun being live and not knowing what type of questions are going to come your way. Sorry if I do not look like Patricks usual partners on his Friday videos!

Thanks for watching.


  1. Ozie Jackson 7 years ago says:

    Yes, Chef Patrick’s normal Friday partners are quite a bit more easier on the eyes but I’ll give you a pass. LOL Great job.

  2. IrishDomainer 7 years ago says:

    Good video guys.. Interested in hearing more about your reg share platform. im on email or



  3. Morgan 7 years ago says:

    Great job guys!

  4. Jarred 7 years ago says:

    Was a great time Bruce, thanks for joining us at Bido headquarters and doing the live video interview.

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