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Chef Patrick Interviewing Me Live – What Have I Got Myself Into!

This should be fun. Chef Patrick will be interviewing me on DomainSuccess.com January 13th, 2010 from 2:30 to 3:30PM EST. You can sign up here.

Thanks to Owen Frager for the invite and I am very interested to see what I am in for with Patrick hosting.

We really want to try to get some new information out that Patrick and I have not discussed elsewhere. We are going to do our best to have a fun, interactive discussion that I expect will cover everything from social media to building a sales team and everything in between.

After hearing George Pickerings Domain Success Power Lunch show I was excited when I received the invite to be involved in the same format. If time allows I may even show a bit of the seminar talk I have been doing that I have been speaking about.

Sign up now and see what Patrick has up his sleeve….


  1. Bruce Marler 7 years ago says:

    Thanks Mike. It is truly appreciated and no offense taken, LOL

  2. Mike 7 years ago says:

    Ah Bruce, you’re going to force my hand here. But I suppose thats a good thing. I formulated the idea to give talks on domain names and marketing for local businesses as far back as June, but I havnt allowed myself the time to follow through with it as I’ve been working on so many other projects in tandem. If I dont act quick I’m afraid I’ll appear as just another Bruce Marler acolyte :)

    No offense intended though Bruce, you do deserve all the praise that you have been getting recently throughout the domain community, and I mean that sincerely. I will be listening in next week

  3. bruce 7 years ago says:

    LOL, well I may have to pay him off to make him be nice:)

  4. DNUnderground.com 7 years ago says:

    Bruce, you never know with Patrick. First the DomainGang article poking fun at you, now this :p You must like to live on the edge, eh?

  5. bruce 7 years ago says:

    This could be scary:)

  6. George Pickering 7 years ago says:

    “Must see TV”….I mean online chat ;)