Condo.Vegas Soft Launches

Two months ago we acquired Condo.Vegas, along with its plural, Condos.Vegas, we did this as a continued addition to our growing set of DotVegas online properties. This time though it was done with purpose, as we are looking to acquire non-virtual properties, a condo in Downtown Las Vegas at The Ogden, and what better way to promote short term rentals or property for sale than on Condo.Vegas (listed properties) or Condos.Vegas (this will end up being focused on short term rentals, i.e. Airbnb).

Spending as much time as we have over the past couple years in the Las Vegas area has allowed us to really see the usage of .Vegas domains continue to rise, this tells me a couple things:

  • Small businesses are not really worried about what domain investors think. They are using gTLDs, they could care less what a gTLD is.
  • As saturated as the Las Vegas market is with real estate agents and sites, most look extremely antiquated and are weak in many ways, and use horrible domains, even if they are .COM.
  • It’s a lot lower cost to buy a place there, Airbnb it when not in the area , than staying at the Aria for 1 to 2 weeks per month:)

Thanks to the DotVegas team we were introduced to a great real estate team in the area, verifiable with status, the number one real estate broker for condos in Las Vegas since 2008. This has allowed us to both find a great opportunity to buy but at the same time start to craft some partnership and revenue opportunities that will, in the very near future, launch on Condo.Vegas. As luck would have it, the real estate broker is already, very successfully, using a .Vegas domain name.

As much as we are very pleased to own Wedding.Vegas, Car.Vegas, GentlemensClub.Vegas, Divorce.Vegas, along with many more, it is really great to buy as an end user based on the value you know the domain name brings to the marketing that will occur after the launch. After doing a tremendous amount of research, there is no doubt that Condo.Vegas will have a lot higher return on investment than any other domain we could have purchased for the same development or plan.

Lastly, yep the blog has re-launched, its not pretty yet, but it was time to give it a refresh and start to build it towards what I want it to be now compared to when I started 8 years or so ago. It is still in the middle of the remodel so please forgive a few hiccups here and there.