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A Reboot for my Blog

For quite sometime I have had it in my mind to do a “reboot” of my blog at I did my first initial post in April of 2009 and for several years focused primarily on domain names and directly related topics.

Although that topic will still exist on the new blog, I did a very therapeutic delete over the holiday and am in the process of changing what this site really is. One of the problems with my previous, targeted blog, was that I felt confined to a very specific topic. This had become a challenge over the years which hindered my ability to write about other topics I found interesting.

So, although not done, the new site is launching. New posts are coming, they will vary from domain names, business, nutrition, and travel.

I was quite surprised when I checked my traffic stats yesterday for the first time in many years, just before deleting, there was quite a bit of search traffic as well as linked traffic still flowing in. Here is hoping to a few of those readers sticking around.