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10 Offline Ways To Promote Your New Website

Whether you are looking for ways to promote a new small business website or a major web development project it is important to find ways to promote the site, although search engines and targeted PPC advertising help drive traffic it is very important, especially for local small businesses to promote their sites on a  day to day basis as their storefront on the Internet.

Too many times I have sat with a business and they talk about having  a website but then talk about how it has never had any traffic, in other words it was a  neat thing to have but they never thought of it as a way to connect with customers or promote their business.

Here are a few ways to promote your online presence with offline methods:

Business Cards – Plain and simple, the standard business card is a standard in business, if you do not have your website listed on the business card you are missing one of the most effective ways to promote your site. I have seen this to many times, someone has a website but you look at their card and sure enough it is not there. Having your domain name in your email address is not enough, make it clear where to go to find your business online.

Take Out Menus – If you are a restaurant do not miss the chance to promote your website on your take home menus or even on your table menus. If you are a business in the area of a restaurant that has take home menus ask if you can buy space on their take home menus for your logo and website. It works, people take these home and stick them on their fridge and see it everyday.

T-Shirts – If you happen to have a business where a uniform is used or have had T-shirts printed up for various reasons make sure you stick your website on it, I have seen people have their phone numbers, addresses, hours, basically everything you can think of on it except for their domain name. A large portion of people focus on remembering the website name these days not the phone number. They can get the contact info from the website.

Billboards – Same as above, more people are looking for the website to go to more so than a phone number these days. A person I spoke to just tonight who is a very non-tech person said he even realized today that he realized it is now the FIRST thing he looks for and never pays attention to a phone number any more on a billboard. If you have a website and have bought billboard advertising do not miss the chance to promote your online billboard (website).

Newspaper and Radio Ads – Lets face it print media is dying a slow (but quickly turning to fast) death so why miss the chance to promote your online presence if you are still advertising in print media. You know people are heading online, make sure they know where to find you there. If you are advertising on radio same thing goes, people are tuning out ads more and more on radio, make sure you get in your website name so they know where to find your online presence, they are more likely to remember that than just about anything else that you may say.

Magnets – Want to keep your logo and site name in front of people hand out refrigerator magnets in your place of business. People use these to hold up pictures, menus, etc so it is a constant reminder when they go to the fridge.

Letterhead – Many small businesses still use letterhead to send business letters or promotional letters on a daily basis. Take advantage of this to get your website in front of the customers or partners you are promoting your message to with your offline paper mailings.

Car Stickers -Window stickers are a great way to get a site and logo in front of people, I see these daily and they are very cost effective to get printed up. Why not get your site name in front of everyone while you are running to get groceries are heading out on a sales call.

Banners – This is something I have used personally, I see many small businesses on a day to day basis that have banners in front of their place of business or in targeted highly visible locations in their area. Most are missing this chance to promote the place people can go to find out more about them, their website.

Team Sponsorships – For years one of the ways local businesses have shown their support for a community has been to sponsor a little league team or maybe the all star soccer team in their area. Think of the value you can get if you give more than just your business name on the jersey and instead put your site name. People are watching their children run around the field for hours at a time, why not keep your site name in front of them.

I am sure there are many others but these are some top ones I have seen used and in many cases not used enough. If you have other creative ways let us know in the comments section.

Personalized promotional items with your company logo and contact information is a great way to promote offline, especially when you give away a products that is useful to people.


  1. Chennaimoms 6 years ago says:

    A good written article for a newbie like me who had just start to create my own content website. Hope by following through what you write here, will help to boost my traffic.

  2. David Morgan 7 years ago says:

    I have developed a website which will allow SMEs to advertise in a newspaper – using the web. It’s as easy as A B C.

  3. JB 7 years ago says:

    What about public bathroom walls? This is really good “local advertising” in my opinion.

    • bruce 7 years ago says:

      JB – Interesting, assuming you mean the signs in the bathrooms:) Although I can see some humor in this too.

  4. Nick Howlett 7 years ago says:

    Along with your website, don’t forget to put the results you generate on your business cards…

    “I build crowds, guaranteed! What do you do guaranteed?”-Joel Bauer

    (please search “your business card is crap” on youtube to understand the quote above)

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